Welcome to Lesbea, this is a site exclusively about lesbians, the whole site is made as a tribute to the female body, check some of the sample pictures and histories below to try and get the feeling of lesbea.
Small Sample History Belowby telling me a few porky pies (that's lies), she Lena and Susan are beautiful young blondes with many physical similarities that make this girl- girl scene extra hot! They've been "best friends forever" for years in real life and are very familiar with one another. That's why we wanted to pair them together for this beautiful lesbian scene and just let them go at each other! The kissing at the beginning is incredible. You can tell how much they're into each other just from the way they want to get close to one another! Passionate, meaningful kisses spur the girls on as they slowly undress one another, exploring each others bodies while giving in to a wave of desire. Lena slips off Susan's panties and touches between her legs, her fingers dipping into the warm honey collecting inside Susan's vagina. "It's wet" she says before sliding her soapy fingers across her nipple then into her own mouth. Lena tastes Susan's fresh juices before kissing her, allowing the beautiful blonde bombshell to taste herself on Lena's mouth.